Cassie (onthewindowpane) wrote in peterick,

Title: Lullabye
Pairing: Peterick
Rating: PG (Sexual references, language)
Author: onthewindowpane
Disclaimer: I don't own them. TG.
Notes: It sucks a lot guys. I was bored. And when I'm bored my writing sucks more  than usual. But I want to know what you think anyway. Comments love us. =)

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"Honey is for bees, silly bear. Besides there are jelly beans everywhere” Mhmmm Trick in a tub of sugary sweets... naked. “Come on Petey, you know you want me. Just come on in here and we can fix that little problem in your pants before this song is over”,he heard Patrick say in a surprisingly sexy voice. 

Pete was snapped away from his fantasising when a fan screamed super loud. Oh. He  was still on stage, but I guess it’s lucky that he had his shiny Clandestine bass, to cover up any.....surprises.  He really needed to get some self control around his best friend. But oh... Patrick looked so fucking gorgeous with his skinny jeans clinging to his “Chicago thighs”. Pete giggled a little too fan girlishly at his joke. Even the thought made him want to fuck something...preferably the closest Patrick Stump that he could get his hands on , but he’s easy.

“Don’t worry your head just go to sleep” It was nice that Patrick had written that song for Bronx. But he was his biological father, Pete supposed, of course he’s bound to feel a little attached after making the kid with Ashlee. And to be honest he was kinda jealous. Fuck, the kid even looked like him. And it was annoying that he had a special name for Patrick. Why couldn’t Pete be called Toast? Patrick could be Peanut Butter, and Pete could be Toast. Yes, Pete’s mind is obviously full of sexual innuendos.

That was it. Pete couldn’t handle the sexual tension between the two, ANYMORE. His dick will probably drop off if he doesn’t get Patrick in him tonight. Hmm but how to do it?
“Besides there’s jelly beans everywhere”.
 Pete pulled his phone out of his too-tight jeans (The kids were too busy swooning over Patrick to notice anyway) and dialled Gabe’s.

“Hey man. Remember how I paid for the hookers last night? Yeah. Yeah, we did hire hookers. Oh fuck no! Of course it wasn’t Ryland in a dress! But anyway, I need you to get me ,like, a truckload of jellybeans. You can do that right? Okay dude, see you at the hotel after the show.” And on hearing Gabe slur out a “Bry bry, Wentzly Woo!” he ended the call.

Pete couldn’t keep the puppy grin off his face each time he looked at the singer. Hopefully this time his plan would actually turn out the way he wanted, not like the previous ones....

Later that night, when Patrick walked into the bathroom to take a shower, he found Pete Wentz swimming (or pretending to), in a bathtub full of rainbow jelly beans. His stupid smile even made Patrick melt a little. ‘Would you care to join me, kind Sir?” And with that, Patrick threw off his clothes, and jumped into the bath.
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