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Ficlet: For Every Grain of Sand

Title: For Every Grain of Sand
Summary: Bandslash. In which Patrick is pissed about Pete overdosing, and there is finally a wedding ring.
Rating: Um... PG-13? Maybe?
Warning: Oneshot. Slash, of course. Reference to Pete's attempted suicide. Language?
Author's Notes: 2,215 words. Part of my as-yet-unnamed 'verse to which I've Seen 'em on the TV, the Movie Show... belongs - i.e. the 'verse in which Pete and Patrick got married in 2004 when Warped stopped in MA. Also, I know G.I.N.A.S.F.S. wasn't released by the time this particular ficlet takes place (in 2005). That is on purpose.

For Every Grain of Sand
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